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About Us

About Target IOE.

About Target IOE

Hello, Target IOE is a website so, here you can find IOE Based Problem Solution. All the syllabus and Model questions of all engineering faculty with all semester wise questions with their solution. This website is also for those students who are still studying +2 and those who are studying Engineering or thinking to study Engineering.

Here I will post Questions with their solution of model question and some additional question.

About the Admin of this website.

I can't share Personal details here because of some security reason but I am a student of IOE Purwanchal Campus from Biratnagar Morang. I have joined the campus in 2076 of Mangsir in Computer Engineering faculty. I have got 950-1000 rank on IOE Entrance. In this period I have faced too many problems while studying and getting admission to IOE. So I have decided to share with you who think that to get admission in IOE and I will also share the things you want to do after passing out the entrance exam to getting admission in the constituent campus or affiliated campus.

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