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A quick guide to follow after selection in E-DV program

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A quick guide to follow after selection in E-DV program

1. Review notification and confirm your selection.:

once you have received the notification,follow the instruction provided by DV program department.

2. Complete the DS-260 form:

Once you have completed reviewing and confirming selection notification, then you need to complete the DS-260 form.This form will aim to collect detailed information about your family member.

3. Gather the needed documents:

The important document which may be required are:-

  • Copy of biometric page and passport.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • NOC(NO Objection Certification) letter.
  • Acedemaic certificate.

Further documents (if applicable):-

  • Marriage Certificates if married.
  • also divorce certificate if you are seperated.

4. Payfee:

After submitting DS-260 form and gathering all the reqiured document , the next process will be pay fees. There are varoius fee associated with DV process.The fee typically include diversity fee and immigrant visa application fee.

5. Interview:

Once you have done with completing all the above process, candidate will have to face interview at us embassy as per schedule provided by them. They will be questioning you about your background,education,work experience and purpose of travel to USA.

6. Medical Examination:

After interview session , you will be reqiured to go through medical checkup to ensure that your heath is good or not.

7. Await interview result:

After the interview, the consular officer will determine whether you qualify for immigrant visa. If approved, then your passport will be required.

8. Ready to travel:

Once you have received your visa, now its time to plan your move to US. Make sure that you make arragnment for travel such as booking flight and Security accomodation.

Note:Each person may participate once a year in DV Program. If you submit more than one form, you wll be automatic disqualified.

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