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C Programming Syllabus details and with their marks distribution

Course Objectives:

To Get Knowledge about Programming language and familiar with the Computer programming language. And Also Concept For solving computer base problems with High-level programming Language.

From Chapter 1,2 - 8 marks
From Chapter 3,4 - 8 marks
From Chapter 5 - 10 marks
From Chapter 6 - 8 marks
From Chapter 7 - 10 marks
From Chapter 8 - 8 marks
From Chapter 9 - 8 marks
From Chapter 10 - 8 marks
From Chapter 11 - 12 marks

Note:- These marks may be changed.

1) Overview of Computer software & Programming Language ( 2 h | ~8 Marks )
  1. System Software
  2. Application Software
  3. General Software Features and recent trends
  4. Generation of Programming languages
  5. Categorization of High-level languages
2) Problems solving Using Computer ( 2 h | ~8 Marks )
  1. Problem Analysis
  2. Algorithm development and flowchart
  3. Compilation and Execution
  4. Debugging and testing
  5. Programming Documentation
3) Introduction To 'C' Programming ( 3 h | ~8 Marks )
  1. Character set, keywords, and Datatypes
  2. Preprocessor Directives
  3. Constants and Variables
  4. Operators and Statements
4) Input and Output ( 2 h | ~8 Marks )
  1. Formatted Input/Output
  2. Character Input/Output
  3. Programs using Input/Output Statements
5) Control Statements ( 6 h | 10 Marks )
  1. Introduction
  2. The goto, if, if...else, switch statements
  3. The while, do...while, for statements
6) User-Defined Functions ( 4 h | 8 Marks )
  1. Introduction
  2. Function definition and return statement
  3. Function Prototypes
  4. Function Invocation, Call by value and call by reference, Recursive Function
7) Arrays and Strings ( 6 h | 10 Marks )
  1. Defining an Array
  2. One-dimensional Array
  3. Multi-dimensional Arrays
  4. Strings and string manipulation
  5. Passing Array and String to function
8) Structures ( 4 h | 8 Marks )
  1. Introduction
  2. Processing a structure
  3. Arrays of structures
  4. Arrays within structures
  5. Structures and Functions
9) Pointers ( 4 h | 8 Marks )
  1. Introduction
  2. Pointer Declaration
  3. Pointer Arithmetic
  4. Pointer And Array
  5. Passing Pointers to a Function
  6. Pointers and Structures
10) Data Files ( 4 h | 8 Marks )
  1. Defining opening and closing a file
  2. Input/Output operations on Files
  3. Error handling during input/output operations
11) Programming Language: FORTRAN ( 8 h | 12 Marks )
  1. Character set
  2. Data Types, Constants and variables
  3. Arithmetic Operations, Library Functions
  4. Structure of  a Fortran program
  5. Formatted and unformatted input/output statements
  6. Control structure: Goto, Logical IF, Arithmetic IF, DO Loops
  7. Arrays: one dimensional and two dimensional

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